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    New Energy Business Division

    Zhejiang Chisage New Energy (NCNE)Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jingyan Shenlan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Chisage New Energy (CNE)Co., Ltd.- 01 -

    Zhejiang Chisage New Energy (NCNE)Co., Ltd. is an "Energy storage +" intelligent system solution integrator and investor, specializing in the integration of new aqueous batteries, modules, PACK, RACK and system integration. Currently, it has a technology research and development team from overseas and a well-known system integration team. NCNE takes the new aqueous battery as the industrial advantage, and vigorously carries out the planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of energy storage system, micro-grid, smart power distribution network and other new energy power stations. Relying on the industrial advantages of manganese-bearing new materials of the Group, the company actively develops energy storage businesses and services, and tries its best to complete "new energy +" supporting projects, integration of "power, grid, load and storage" projects and home energy storage products.

    Zhejiang Jingyan Shenlan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.- 02 -

    Zhejiang Jingyan Shenlan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the cores of new energy industry of Zhongzhe group. The founding team is composed of many overseas returnees and doctors. The company focuses on the R & D, manufacturing and application of high-power aqueous battery, covering the R & D, design, production, sales and service of energy storage aqueous battery, power aqueous battery and related products.The aqueous battery successfully developed by the company is much better than the existing lead-acid and LiFePO4 battery products in terms of safety and economy. It has both the excellent performance of lithium iron battery and the safety and economy of lead-acid battery, and its technology is at the leading level in the global aqueous battery field.The company has two production bases in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province and Chizhou, Anhui Province, and two strategic partners in Sichuan Chisage New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Chisage New Energy (NCNE)Co., Ltd. to build a whole industry chain ecosystem of aqueous system battery integrating manganese ore, anode material, cell manufacturing, pack and energy storage system.