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    Health Business Division

    Shanghai linfu medical technology co., ltd. Zhejiang Ethink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Xinyi Information Technology Co.,Ltd.


    Since its establishment in 2018, Shanghai lingfu medical technology co., ltd. has cooperated with more than 30 dermatology experts, chief physicians and R&D cosmetic chemists to develop products of baby skincare, makeup & skincare and prevention of dermatitis. As a unit member of Chinese Medical Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, we have jointly established the "Shanghai Health Institute of Anhui University of Science and Technology" focusing on R&D for occupational health products.The skin care brand "UNBESO" focuses on soothing symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis. The safety and efficacy of the product have been deeply recognized by consumers and dermatology professionals.The beauty and skin care brand "UNBESO FORMULA" advocates romantic science, interprets a new generation of effective skin care products from the perspective of aesthetics and science, and jointly carries out efficacy test with Beijing Technology and Business University to attract domestic consumers with rigor and romance.



    Zhejiang Ethink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart technology enterprise, focusing on R&D and production of safe and high-quality products in medical, financial and security payment fields and also on provision of overall solutions. Based on its rich R&D experience and technical strength in the fields of automatic Chinese medicine dispensing system, vaccine refrigerator, automatic pharmacy, ETH series bank intelligent equipment, safe payment and face swiping POS machine, the company has launched a series of high-tech products and services. It is a national high-tech enterprise, winning a good many honors, and has more than 100 patents and computer software copyrights. Adhering to the development concept of "inclusive finance, convenient medical care, and people-friendly service", the company is committed to becoming the first-class provider of automation solutions in the field of medical, financial and safe payment in China.



    Ningbo Xinyi Information TechnologyCo.Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chisage Group. Founded in 2014, it is a high-tech software enterprise focusing on the development of artificial intelligence medical application scenarios.Through the advanced cognitive computing platform, innovative integration of mobile Internet, big data, deep learning and other cutting-edge technology, we study intensively on the business scenario system integration and application development of medical user, disease control user and school health user, and are committed to providing industry application solutions and services for various types of medical institutions and disease control & health institutions.
    Adhering to the mission of "making growth better", Xinyi Technology is dedicated to caring for the healthy growth of teenagers aged 0-18. Through big data, artificial intelligence, 5G Internet of Things and other advanced technologies,we aim to build a healthy brain for teenagers -- the "Hoonghu". The service covers the government, schools, medical institutions, teenagers and their families. Through " Hoonghu ", teenagers are followed up, found problems, implemented interventions, and evaluated to protect their growth.